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    Possible link with bladder cancer
    Does anyone know anything about this? I have read some things online, but its difficult to tell who is crazy and who is not when it comes to these thi - 48% more...
    Yorfutrxhsbnd- over a year ago - 2 Replies - in Actos
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    Not sure yet but I think Actos raised my BP by 30 points
    I'm on multiple medications for blood pressure, diabetes, cardiomyopathy, neuropathy and other conditions. I have recently changed blood pressure medi - 90% more...
    Yorfutrxhsbnd- over a year ago - in Actos
  3. link Lyonsvivian
    Actos swelling of legs, time blood, abdominal pain, nauseated, servere
    Servere abdominal pain upper left, extreme swelling of legs and feet, nauseated at time, blood pressure high most of the time, weight gain that I can' - 10% more...
    Lyonsvivian- over a year ago - 1 Reply - in Actos
  4. link Yorfutrxhsbnd
    What kind of abdominal pain are you experiencing? I work out a lot and have very defined abs. Often they feel sore, even when I don't work out. If I t - 73% more...
    Yorfutrxhsbnd- over a year ago
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    Actos diabetes type ii, actos 30mg, dizzy light, throbbing headache, severe anxiety
    In January of 2008 I was diagnosed with Diabetes Type II, I was prescribed 500 mg of Metformin twice a day. After six weeks of therapy it was still ra - 86% more...
    Blanca564- over a year ago - 1 Reply - in Actos
  6. link Yorfutrxhsbnd
    Lipitor made me feel as if I had Alzheimers disease 40 -50 years too early. As soon as I stopped my memory improved, but there is some concern in the - 86% more...
    Yorfutrxhsbnd- over a year ago