Vagifem is an estrogen replacement consisting of estradiol and is used primarily after menopause to relieve symptoms of atrophic vaginitis such as vaginal dryness, soreness, and itching. It is available as vaginal tablets, and as such, the route of administration is per vagina.


Vagifem Discussions

  1. link Josherwood
    weight gain
    I have gained 3 pounds in a short period of time since I started using Vagifem. Is this water retention? Anyone else have this problem?
    Josherwood- over a year ago - in Vagifem
  2. link Carribeanchris
    Vagifem vaginal itching, having intercourse
    I've been on Vagifem for a month now, noticed more lubrication. We haven't tried having intercourse yet. Just recently have been experiencing vaginal - 6% more...
    Carribeanchris- over a year ago - in Vagifem
  3. link Nannybrister
    How is it made?
    Is there any use of animal products in Vagifem?
    Nannybrister- over a year ago - in Vagifem
  4. link Eitsud22
    vagifem vs libido
    Can Vagifem be used to increase libido? I read this somewhere.
    Eitsud22- over a year ago - in Vagifem
  5. link Xargaw
    Vagifem swelling feet and ankles, lower back pain, natural route
    Itching, lower back pain, possible GB attack (normal scan, but doctor is still suspect) swelling feet and ankles. Drug is worse than the symptoms it i - 25% more...
    Xargaw- over a year ago - 1 Reply - in Vagifem
  6. link Ketarah
    Vagifem brown discharge, intercourse
    I've been using Vagifem for three weeks. After intercourse, I'm experiencing a brown discharge. Is this normal?
    Ketarah- over a year ago - in Vagifem
  7. link Angelwings13
    Vagifem estrogen, rx, premarin, hot flashes, perscription
    I am not using this yet, i got it from my Doctor this week, and wanted to look up information on-line before i started using it, from all the women us - 66% more...
    Angelwings13- over a year ago - 1 Reply - in Vagifem
  8. link Moosegirl
    spotting caused by vagifem?
    I started taking vagifem (first daily for two weeks, then 2X week) about 2 months ago. Around the 4th week, I had what seemed like a period (but I had - 79% more...
    Moosegirl- over a year ago - in Vagifem
  9. link Cathyindiana
    Vagifem chest pains, chest pain, mcg, drug information, angina
    I have been taking Vagifem 25 mcg for about 3 months (about every other night or 3 times per week). I am starting to have chest pains. It feels like w - 60% more...
    Cathyindiana- over a year ago - 7 Replies - in Vagifem
  10. link Nancyjxn
    weight gain
    Will vagifem cause weight gain? Is it dangerous in any way?
    Nancyjxn- over a year ago - in Vagifem
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