Valerian Root Side Effects

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  1. link Ashevilejackie
    Ahhhhhaaaaa! Itchy and Valeria
    Here I go herbal and it turns out it makes me itch like .... MAD. Even more than that think I became sexier to insects. Very bizarre. I never EVER get bitten and now I have bug bites everywhere AND I itch even where there are no bites. I kept thinkin - 50% more...
    Ashevilejackie- over a year ago - in Valerian Root
  2. link Highlandlynx
    A itchy situation
    I wasn't sure at first but now I know for sure that Valerian Root makes me itch everywhere. I have to take a Benadryl with it or I'm up all night scratching.
    Highlandlynx- over a year ago - in Valerian Root
  3. link Loju31
    Valerian Root valerian, relaxation, sleep
    I only took Valerian roots two times. Both it did give me relaxation feeling. But the side effect was keeping me going ongoing urinate all the night. Could sleep and the next day I lost almost 3 or 4 Lb It did not give any relaxation feeling. I belie - 28% more...
    Loju31- over a year ago - in Valerian Root
  4. link Loju31
    Valerian Root valerian, sleep
    I had took Valerian roots pill only two times. The first I could sleep and went to urinate all the night and after 10 days I just took half a pill and did the same, I can finish going and going. And in the morning I believe lost at least 3 pound. It - 12% more...
    Loju31- over a year ago - in Valerian Root
  5. link Kkdrama
    Valerian Root mild stomach, irregular heartbeat, stomach pain, palpatations, grogginess
    reI had been having trouble sleeping recently, and decided to buy a bottle of Valerian capsules to give it a try, since I wanted something all-natural to help me fall asleep. I also tend to be stressed and anxious often, so it seemed like a great alt - 78% more...
    Kkdrama- over a year ago - in Valerian Root
  6. link Imripe
    Valerian Root breathing treatments, benadryl, vitals, valerian, melatonin
    The medication I wish to post on is not listed. I know that Valerian root is in the pill, as well as a few other roots and melatonin. Last night I took SleepMD for the 1st time. Within 15 minutes of taking the pill, I started feeling funny. I became - 74% more...
    Imripe- over a year ago - in Valerian Root
  7. link Lanverton47
    effects of valerian on liver
    Is valerian bad for human liver
    Lanverton47- over a year ago - in Valerian Root
  8. link Sunsetspotter
    Valerian Root blood donation, benadryl, valerian, bedtime, blood pressure
    rejected for blood donation because blood pressure hit 200. with one Valerian at bedtime, down to 160 if allergic take with benadryl
    Sunsetspotter- over a year ago - in Valerian Root
  9. link Bbeep644
    valerian root
    Can this give you a false positive urine for benzos?
    Bbeep644- over a year ago - in Valerian Root
  10. link Marsh2007
    Valerian Root negative side effects, go back to sleep, herbal supplement, negative symptoms, quiver
    Valerian root worked wonderfully for me--when I would wake up in the night i would take two capsules and go back to sleep within an hour. Even when I would take it at 4 a.m. and get up at 6, I would awake refreshed and have no "drug hangover.&qu - 71% more...
    Marsh2007- over a year ago - in Valerian Root