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  1. link Crc0210
    Cortisteroid after vaccination
    I received the Varivax (2nd round) vaccination three weeks ago. I now need a shot of Prednisone and i am wondering if this is safe?
    Crc0210- over a year ago - in Varivax
  2. link Lacigale
    Varivax chikenpox, blisters, fever
    3 weeks after his firtst varivax shot, 8 blisters (looking like chikenpox) appeared around hid mouth with fever...
    Lacigale- over a year ago - in Varivax
  3. link Sjlno
    Varivax childhood immunizations, chickenpox, varicella, blisters, flu
    My daughter contracted what I thought to be the flu at age 5. She was vaccinated for varicella as part of her childhood immunizations at least two yea - 62% more...
    Sjlno- over a year ago - in Varivax
  4. link Amrita_thind
    Varivax urinary tract infection, fever, one year old
    urinary tract infection(with fever) for a one year old.
    Amrita_thind- over a year ago - in Varivax
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