Vaseline Side Effects

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  1. link Rani_m_kamble
    Vaseline rashes, body lotion, sunscreen, serum, rash
    After applying vaseline body lotion contains yogurt serum vitamins B3 and triple sunscreen developed maculopapular rash and after taking anti allergic the rashes disappeared but leaving hypopigementation
    Rani_m_kamble- over a year ago - in Vaseline
  2. link Arooj
    reduces pragnancy
    can use of vaseline on the penis as a lubricant reduce rate of pragnancy
    Arooj- over a year ago - in Vaseline
  3. link Danndemann
    whale sperm in vaseline?
    is there vaseline made of whale sperm?
    Danndemann- over a year ago - 1 Reply - in Vaseline
  4. link Kushpata
    animal enzymes in vaseline?
    Does Vaseline contain any animal enzymes?
    Kushpata- over a year ago - in Vaseline