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  1. link Adenis
    Venofer iv iron infusion, benadrill, cramp, potassium, stomach
    I just had my second dose of IV Iron Infusion using Venofer and I noticed hives were forming on my arms then within a few mins my legs started to seiz - 78% more...
    Adenis- over a year ago - in Venofer
  2. link Swetcheks152001
    Venofer venofer infusion, hands and fingers, 21st of december, nausea, couple of days
    I had my first Venofer infusion a couple of days ago. It was administered over a 3 1/2 hour period. I noticed some nausea and knee cramping during the - 81% more...
    Swetcheks152001- over a year ago - in Venofer
  3. link Maxxie
    Venofer venofer, slow delivery, infusions, thankyou, body temp
    I have now had 18 venofer infusions over the last 16mo.Each time I receive them, within hours I have severe swelling of the IV site and up my arm.And - 64% more...
    Maxxie- over a year ago - 2 Replies - in Venofer
  4. link Montessori1986
    Venofer joint stiffness, knee joints, loss of consciousness, iv bolus, predictable result
    Immediately following the infusion (I was still in the chair), which was administered over 3 hours, my blood pressure dropped to 42/27, with the predi - 67% more...
    Montessori1986- over a year ago - 1 Reply - in Venofer
  5. link Chhanda
    Ferinject in EU
    Is this product Ferinject same as Venofer (Iron sucrose injection) with respect to label claim, pack, strength, specifications, etc.?
    Chhanda- over a year ago - in Venofer
  6. link Chhanda
    Iron sucrose injection
    I am intersested to know about the `Iron sucrose injection' sold in European market. Can you send me a picture of the label/ strength/pack size? Can I - 58% more...
    Chhanda- over a year ago - in Venofer
  7. link Doggonit
    Venofer afte, headache
    I have had 7 intravenous and have also noticed a headache afterwards. I have also felt tired afte about the first hour of treatment,
    Doggonit- over a year ago - in Venofer
  8. link Bunderberg
    Venofer weight gain, headaches
    I have had 4 intravenous. I have noticed a slight weight gain and headaches the evening after I've had it
    Bunderberg- over a year ago - in Venofer
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