Vicodin Side Effects

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  2. link Bxnyemt

    As I said my Ortho has me on Hydrocodone 10/326 6x a day PRN and Valium ex a day PRN for the spasms I get in my neck, but I seldom take them. A lot of doctors dont want to write for narcs because people either abuse or sell them. According to my Dr, - 75% more...
    Bxnyemt- over a year ago - in Vicodin
  3. link Bxnyemt

    I only want the pain to be gone so I can try to have a normal (somewhat) activities. I do have A-Fib but under meds just to keep BP and Pulse down along with blood thinners. I am now on just the Hydrocodone 10/325. Sometimes I take 4, other days 8 de - 70% more...
    Bxnyemt- over a year ago - in Vicodin
  4. link Oldcarpetcleaner

    What caused your rotocuff tears had you been on any heart medications?
    Oldcarpetcleaner- over a year ago - in Vicodin
  5. link Oldcarpetcleaner

    Do what works best for you, but work to keep the quantities of pain killers as low as you can. I took oxycontin for 3.5 yrs in the end I was only taking 10 mgs every second day. When I ceased the withdrawals were imense for months. However i do feel - 35% more...
    Oldcarpetcleaner- over a year ago - in Vicodin
  6. link Jayroc
    Vicodin cold turkey, last sunday, palms, heart
    was hooked on vicodin for ten months quit cold turkey last Sunday thought i made it threw the part by Friday but sat my heart started racing my palms sweating im going on day 4 of this when will it end can anyone help me
    Jayroc- over a year ago - in Vicodin
  7. link Reruho
    Vicodin crps, hangover
    I take vicodin for my pain from RSD/CRPS. I hate taking it because it makes me feel like I have a hangover. It does takes care of the pain. I break the 7.5/750 in half and it reduces the effect.
    Reruho- over a year ago - in Vicodin
  8. link Jmm1990
    Vicodin green liquor, unexperienced youth, smoking cigarettes, daily basis, drug abuser
    I have been taking Vicodin off and on for the past year. I have been an drug abuser since i was 15, I am 20 now. Saying that, and from reading these reviews, I see that some people are extremely weak and over powered by drug use, and others just feel - 81% more...
    Jmm1990- over a year ago - in Vicodin
  9. link Chocoholic82
    Vicodin rotator cuff surgery, high white blood cells, whip lash, white blood cells, stomach surgery
    I had my first rotator cuff surgery 10/2003 and then developed frozen shoulder. Vicodin did the trick and I got up to 14 pills a day and taking ambien. My doctor almost fell off his chair when I told him I was addicted. He had me follow a schedule to - 84% more...
    Chocoholic82- over a year ago - in Vicodin
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    Julienoyes66- over a year ago - in Vicodin
  11. link Angelachristy
    is there a 500mg vicodin
    Angelachristy- over a year ago - in Vicodin
  12. link Mtbypool
    Vicodin sick headache, suppose to do, nauseaus, tylenol with codine, pinched nerve
    I took Vicodin last night, I am not sure what it was suppose to do, but, I may be allergic to it, I was up all night throwing up..I was so sick, headache, nauseaus,
    Mtbypool- over a year ago - 2 Replies - in Vicodin
  13. link Stephhite
    It is possible it is too strong for you. This happend to me when I was younger. I was in a car accident and they gave it to me for pain. I took it at work and started throwing up uncontrollably, along with other symptoms like you mentioned. I went to - 66% more...
    Stephhite- over a year ago
  14. link Xkiwix
    you probably are, i know i am it makes me severely sick
    Xkiwix- over a year ago
  15. link Clawson
    side effect of vicodin
    I can't take Vicodin it causes me to have a bad stomach ache so I was davcet now its causing stomach problems what other drug can I take for chronic pain ?
    Clawson- over a year ago - 2 Replies - in Vicodin
  16. link Jamiepirt
    Jamiepirt- over a year ago
  17. link Reese99
    Both of these products contain acetaminophen which can be the cause of all these stomach aches. It is important that you take these medications with food. That will help minimize some of the gastric distress you are experiencing. Speak with your doct - 59% more...
    Reese99- over a year ago
  18. link Sandra30
    What is in Vicodin that makes you feel happy?
    When I take vicodin it makes my life so much easier to handle. I appreciate and have patience with my kids. I feel a sense of well being and have a good time with my family. I wondered what ingredient in vicodin would have such a affect on me. Thank - 2% more...
    Sandra30- over a year ago - 1 Reply - in Vicodin
  19. link Warwick
    It's the opiates in it that increases the serotonin (feel good hormone) in your brain. Opiates are seriously addictive. The normal progression is people liking vicodin then they move up to stronger opiates and eventually to heroin. Quite now while ya - 36% more...
    Warwick- over a year ago
  20. link Warwick
    Which is stronger pain pill?
    I have two different vicodin pills. One is yellow and oblong and has the numbers 36 01 on it and the other is a white oblong pill that has M357 on it. Which is the stronger pill or are they the same?
    Warwick- over a year ago - in Vicodin
  21. link Catstone
    Why does Vicodin cause insomnia?
    I take Vicodin for my extremely painful periods. (About 1-2 tablets every 3 months.) It helps greatly with my pain, but why does it interfere with my sleep? It acts a stimulant for me. Why? Please email response to: ******
    Catstone- over a year ago - in Vicodin
  22. link Spitfire815
    Vicodin es opposed to Norco
    My doctor prescribed hydrococodone 10/325 for me due to RA. The pharmacist gave me Norco10/325, but it makes me VERY tired, I cannot function on these pills...What is the difference between the hydrcodone & the Norco? The vicodin does NOT make me - 42% more...
    Spitfire815- over a year ago - in Vicodin
  23. link 40vicsdaily
    Vicodin diareah, vics, bowel movement, weird thing, somas
    i have been taking vicodin for 2 years and have abused it rather extensively. 1 year ago i started taking somas also. i would take 25- 7.50mg tabs while i was at work throughout a normal day, when i would leave work i would pop 8 vics and 5 350mg som - 78% more...
    40vicsdaily- over a year ago - in Vicodin
  24. link Hpri
    Vicodin open heart surgery, diareha, heart medications, cold turkey, spells
    I have taken Vicodin for 12 years now after open heart surgery. My chest bone did not heal right and in 2002 had injuries to both my knees. My doctor took me off of the medication last week since all my heart medications that I take along with this i - 68% more...
    Hpri- over a year ago - in Vicodin
  25. link Hauskat
    Vicodin muscle relaxant, 8 years, hydrocodone, soma, liver
    I have taken the generic Vicodin, Hydrocodone, for 8 years for chronic pack pain. Along with the Hydrocodone, I take Soma, a muscle relaxant. I take them together, usually 3 to 5 of both a day. I know this sounds like a lot, but after 8 years, I am s - 74% more...
    Hauskat- over a year ago - in Vicodin
  26. link U2treasure
    Vicodin visa versa, somas, amphetamines, cupboards, 3am
    I take vicodin with soma. If I stay up and wait for relief of pain, pain begins to subside and I pick up dirty glasses left out and head for the kitchen. I begin cleaning my kitchen--dishwasher emptied then filled, counter scrubbed, cupboards wiped d - 57% more...
    U2treasure- over a year ago - 1 Reply - in Vicodin
  27. link Lisahurts
    I feel exactly the same way. I'm taking Soma with Codeine and Vicodin 750 and all I want to do is clean and smoke cigarettes. When the pill wears off the pain comes back and my body feels like crap. Something like I've been beaten up with a baseball - 19% more...
    Lisahurts- over a year ago