Vicoprofen Side Effects

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  1. link Stannolan
    Vicoprofen base of my skull, cramps, back pain, stairs, medication
    This medication works well for back pain and as a bonus helps my worn knee due to its favored use as climbing stairs with left side cramps my back on up to the base of my skull and I would have to leave work early and I need money this has helped put - 31% more...
    Stannolan- over a year ago - in Vicoprofen
  2. link Poj
    Vicoprofen 3rd trimester of pregnancy, trimester of pregnancy, perscribed, medications, bloodvessels
    I more or less had a question? what could be the out come or disadvantages of taking Vicoprofen,when in your 3rd trimester of pregnancy. I've been experiencing alot of back and side pains. This is a medications I had been perscribed from a previous p - 43% more...
    Poj- over a year ago - 1 Reply - in Vicoprofen
  3. link Stannolan
    Please do not take it at all if you are pregnant I took this and a common side effect is internal sudden bleeding and given the sophisticated network of bloodvessels and capillaries in the womb it is worse than I care to mention please see your doc i - 25% more...
    Stannolan- over a year ago
  4. link Lisasummerall
    Side effects
    While taken Vicoprofen will your vision be blury to where you can't read small text?
    Lisasummerall- over a year ago - in Vicoprofen