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  1. link Thrillme
    Vioxx loss of hearing, problems occured, blister, eye specialist, left eye
    I experienced complete Loss of hearing in my left ear for 24 hours & stopped taking the Vioxx at the first sign of a problem. A Blister also appea - 79% more...
    Thrillme- over a year ago - in Vioxx
  2. link Cool_ie01
    Vioxx chest pains, tight chest, cellulitis
    After I had used vioxx for a while i started experiecing tight chest pains, Then a while later on in the month's I was diagnoised with venious insuffi - 46% more...
    Cool_ie01- over a year ago - in Vioxx
  3. link Meyer
    What to do?
    My mom has taken Vioxx for years, and last year she had a heart attack and had to have a bypass and now is on tons of meds. After reading all the news - 56% more...
    Meyer- over a year ago - in Vioxx
  4. link Rvrlkedeb
    Vioxx arthritis symptoms, spend the rest of my life, thirties, rest of my life, hips
    I have been taking Vioxx 50mg daily for 10 years now. I have arthritis in my hands and hips and one knee, due to an accident. The arthritis symptoms a - 58% more...
    Rvrlkedeb- over a year ago - in Vioxx
  5. link Jbbunnykin
    Vioxx cancer survivor, pain in the calf, breast surgery, i am a heart, leg pain
    I am a heart and cancer survivor patient and have just started on Vioxx for a large hematoma after breast surgery. I have been experiencing severe leg - 29% more...
    Jbbunnykin- over a year ago - in Vioxx
  6. link Barbara1
    Vioxx as a maintenance drug
    My pharmacist sent a note with my mail order perscription today saying that the manufacterer does not recommend taking vioxx 50mg. 1 per day. Does any - 40% more...
    Barbara1- over a year ago - in Vioxx
  7. link Edmondsj
    Vioxx abnormal bone, bone scan, bone structure, muscle pain, scan results
    I have experienced severe muscle pain on my left pelvis. I have had ex-rays and a bone scan. Results show no type of mass or abnormal bone structure. - 21% more...
    Edmondsj- over a year ago - in Vioxx
  8. link Brenda127
    Vioxx hands and feet, beter, lips
    My husband has been taking Vioxx for a year. After continued dosage his lips started swelling, hands and feet itching. Stopped taking it regularly and - 13% more...
    Brenda127- over a year ago - in Vioxx
  9. link Rsusak
    Vioxx dark stools, celebrex, nexium, prilosec, appendicitis
    Worked great for my joint pain, but after about 2-3 weeks, gave me very severe abdominal pain. I thought I was having appendicitis or something like t - 72% more...
    Rsusak- over a year ago - in Vioxx
  10. link John508
    Vioxx weird places
    I have unusual swelling in some weird places could this be from vioxx
    John508- over a year ago - in Vioxx
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