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  1. link Megsbug
    Viravan-S cough, doctor gave, better luck, wide awake, teaspoon
    My son is 3 and he had sported a flemmy cough so long that Doctor gave him Viravan. He warned me that its may make him hyper or alter his mood. Well, - 65% more...
    Megsbug- over a year ago - in Viravan-S
  2. link Morgans62
    Viravan-S medicines
    My son has been taking viravan daily and has developed blood in his stool. I don't know if it could be caused by this but he does not take any other m - 33% more...
    Morgans62- over a year ago - in Viravan-S
  3. link Cstanley
    Viravan-S tsp, still crazy, theis, cough, monster
    My 3 yr old was put on viravan 1 tsp 2x a day. He turned into a monster child. I would be very cautious with theis med!!!!It is very potent! I check t - 73% more...
    Cstanley- over a year ago - in Viravan-S
  4. link Jenniferoney
    We had our son ( 30 months)on Viravan for two days and he was fine the first night and the second night he was up once an hour and so were we. We are - 54% more...
    Jenniferoney- over a year ago - in Viravan-S
  5. link Heather330
    Viravan-S son cody
    My 16 month old son Cody has been on Viravan for 3 weeks now, and he has problems sleeping at night. He wakes up every hour! His doctor has cut back f - 68% more...
    Heather330- over a year ago - in Viravan-S
  6. link Naomi_brons
    Viravan-S unable to sleep, one year old
    One year old child: seemed unable to sleep at night
    Naomi_brons- over a year ago - in Viravan-S
  7. link Jas11240
    Is this medicine for allergies? It was prescribed to my 1 year old.
    Jas11240- over a year ago - in Viravan-S
  8. link Norvellanorton
    1 teas. given instead of 1/2
    What is the precaution i need to take
    Norvellanorton- over a year ago - in Viravan-S
  9. link Danielle561
    no sleep
    trouble sleeping? my son is up all night
    Danielle561- over a year ago - in Viravan-S
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