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  1. link Vtgarza
    The patch and cancer
    I started menopause 7 years ago and went one year without hormone replacement. OB/GYN told me the patch was safe, very low dose and would not hurt me. - 75% more...
    Vtgarza- over a year ago - in Vivelle-Dot
  2. link Yolunda70
    Vivelle-Dot strange side, tricep, couple of days, 6 years, six months
    I took my patch off. It has been off for 24 hours. The best way that i can describe this strange side effect is that it feels like my skin has been bu - 67% more...
    Yolunda70- over a year ago - in Vivelle-Dot
  3. link Linc5723
    Vivelle-Dot vivelle dot, vivelle, skin redness, open wound, pus
    Started using Vivelle-Dot 0.05 in March 2008 and in June of 2008 started getting an allergic reaction which was skin redness and irritation which turn - 27% more...
    Linc5723- over a year ago - 2 Replies - in Vivelle-Dot
  4. link Rrmatthai
    Vivelle-Dot back and neck pain
    sever back and neck pain
    Rrmatthai- over a year ago - in Vivelle-Dot
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