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  1. link Sosoworker
    Yodoxin swelling of the vulva, vaginal itching
    I am having anal and vaginal itching and mild swelling of the vulva.
    Sosoworker- over a year ago - in Yodoxin
  2. link Cajunraysfo
    Yodoxin rectal itching, embarrasing, ray clark
    i took yodoxin 2 years ago and now again and both times i had the worst case of rectal itching redness and stinging for 2 month afterwards can u help - 36% more...
    Cajunraysfo- over a year ago - in Yodoxin
  3. link Bellstoil
    Yodoxin Side effects
    My son has been diagnosed with amebiasis and has been given Yodoxin. He is concerned about side effects. Any thoughts?
    Bellstoil- over a year ago - in Yodoxin
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