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  1. link Jpwjones
    Yohimbine weight loss supplement, vapor rub, occassionally, sensation
    Does anyone get a tingling or "vapor rub" sensation after taking yohimbine in their genital area? It happens to me occassionally when taking - 13% more...
    Jpwjones- over a year ago - in Yohimbine
  2. link Comerecat2
    Yohimbine upset stomach, light headedness, heartburn
    I have taken 5.4 MG Yohimbine once a day for two days. Right away I got heartburn, upset stomach and light headedness. Should I be concerned?
    Comerecat2- over a year ago - in Yohimbine
  3. link Crward20002000
    what are real effects
    Hey Guys, What are the rea effects of yohimbine. I was considering trying it in very low doses as an anti-depressant but would like some info. Thaks
    Crward20002000- over a year ago - in Yohimbine
  4. link Rddenno7
    Yohimbine weekness
    I have had weekness in wrist and shoulder,with a pain such as arteritus. Is possible
    Rddenno7- over a year ago - in Yohimbine
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