ZBec is a multivitamin containing the B vitamins as well as Vitamin E and C. It may assist the immune system and overall recuperation; aids in converting food to energy and helps cells function normally; serves as an antioxidant and promotes cell growth and repair.

Source: http://www.canadadrugs.com/otc/product/Z-Bec+Stresstabs/2419/

Z-bec Discussions

  1. link Ysaguirre
    Z-BEC vitamins are hard to find in Fla. When I am lucky enough to find them I always buy several boxes. They are in my opinon the BEST vitamin to take - 58% more...
    Ysaguirre- over a year ago - in Z-Bec
  2. link Tany
    Inert Ingredients
    Does Z-Bec contain Lactose
    Tany- over a year ago - in Z-Bec
  3. link Gandy
    Z BEC availability
    Why can't I find ZBEC at pharmacies in Metro Atlanta?
    Gandy- over a year ago - in Z-Bec
  4. link Bitzie
    Not in stores
    Why are Z-bec vitamins no longer available for purchase in CVS pharmacies in Indiana?
    Bitzie- over a year ago - in Z-Bec
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