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  1. link Johnr
    Zaroxolyn urine retention, dehydration, kidney
    Dehydration, kidney shutdown, continued urine retention. Almost died from using this drug.
    Johnr- over a year ago - in Zaroxolyn
  2. link Ajewell
    Zaroxolyn internal bleeding, aj
    does it cause internal bleeding. i have real bad internal bleeding and no none can find a cause. thank you Aj
    Ajewell- over a year ago - in Zaroxolyn
  3. link Atlas1772
    for research
    for getting sample of METOLAZONE-10gms, of my research work like analytical development, formulations and its derivatives, if possible by knowing the - 61% more...
    Atlas1772- over a year ago - in Zaroxolyn
  4. link Hotforge2002
    Zaroxolyn tounge
    i just staeted to take zaroxolyn..since i started my mouth and tounge has become very dry also very red and painful this a side effect ..thank yo - 8% more...
    Hotforge2002- over a year ago - in Zaroxolyn
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