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  1. link Mhickman
    What should I do?
    I've been taking Nexium 40mg for 10 yrs. My doc gave me some samples of Zegerid 40mg. Will it work the same?
    Mhickman- over a year ago - in Zegerid
  2. link Sheraball
    Zegerid frequent headaches, bathroom visits, sunny day, stomach
    its been 7 days. instead of helping stomach aches its added to it. No diarrhea but several bathroom visits with bm. Yesterday on a beautiful sunny day - 57% more...
    Sheraball- over a year ago - in Zegerid
  3. link Cjnance
    active ingredients
    I started taking zegerid 40mg tablets which were prescribed my physician on July 1st of this year. On July 6th I took a Urinalysis test and it came ba - 70% more...
    Cjnance- over a year ago - in Zegerid
  4. link Janet63
    how long do i need to take zegerid
    do i have to take zegerid forever?what does it do?
    Janet63- over a year ago - in Zegerid
  5. link Wferguson
    Diarrhea with Zegerid
    Have taken Zegerid for about 8 months and have tolerated it extremely well, however, am now experiencing diarrhea. Since one of the side effects is di - 42% more...
    Wferguson- over a year ago - in Zegerid
  6. link Misskitty98331
    Capsule color change
    I take Zegerid 20 mg twice a day. When I got my prescription refilled the pharmacist said they changed the capsules to all white instead of the blue a - 48% more...
    Misskitty98331- over a year ago - in Zegerid
  7. link Tauruslady5
    Zegerid stomach pain, chest pain, back pain, nervousness, constipation
    11/7/07: My side effects include: headache, nervousness inside, back pain, chest pain (not related to heart), constipation, stomach pain
    Tauruslady5- over a year ago - 2 Replies - in Zegerid
  8. link Cvoor
    Zegerid irritability, depression
    irritability and depression
    Cvoor- over a year ago - in Zegerid
  9. link Cvoor
    Zegerid nervous stomach, back pain, zegerid, nexium
    nausea, nervous stomach, back pain
    Cvoor- over a year ago - 1 Reply - in Zegerid
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