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  1. link Jenhill82
    i've been on this for 3 months now, the first month i had a light period and the past 2 months i've had no period, but after reading that i can get migraines from this, it now explains why i have been getting them.
    Jenhill82- over a year ago - in Zenchent
  2. link Youngjl
    Zenchent migraine headaches, breakthrough bleeding, mood swings, first three months, irritability
    I am in my first month and experienced nausea and migraine headaches with breakthrough bleeding. Noticed a little more sensitivity, crying urges and irritability; but I have slight mood swings anyway. My doctor says this is pretty common the first th - 12% more...
    Youngjl- over a year ago - in Zenchent
  3. link Brendasmami031409
    Zenchent bcp, migraine, nausea, medicine
    This medicine made me feel awful severe nausea, and had the worst migraine of my entire life it was so bad until i was crying because it hurt SO bad... I do NOT recommend this bcp to ANYONE because of the horrible side effects.
    Brendasmami031409- over a year ago - in Zenchent
  4. link Marshg
    Lack of period
    I've been on Zenchent for 3 months. The first two months I didn't have a period. I started the third pack and got my period this past week, in the middle of the new pack. Am I supposed to STOP taking the pill since I have my period now? I've continue - 46% more...
    Marshg- over a year ago - in Zenchent
  5. link Fearcat
    Zenchent breakthrough, three months
    I've taken Zenchent for three months now. The first two months I had breakthrough bleeding in the third week of the pill pack. However, now my experience is quite the opposite. I have had no breakthrough bleeding as well as no bleeding at all last mo - 30% more...
    Fearcat- over a year ago - in Zenchent
  6. link Eanick
    Zenchent - Is it a generic?
    I just recently was given Zenchent in place of my old medication - Balziva. Is Zenchent the generic version of Balziva or another type of birth control pill?
    Eanick- over a year ago - 1 Reply - in Zenchent
  7. link Awalden06
    Zenchent is the "new" Balzivia; however, it affects me differently than Balzivia. I LOVED Balzivia, which is the generic of Ovcon 35. But the company who made Balzivia got bought by another company, who changed the name to Zenchent. At leas - 20% more...
    Awalden06- over a year ago
  8. link Mpaige11
    can i skip inactive pills?
    I need to move my period to a couple of days before I would actually have it because I will have my period on my wedding day and honeymoon if I don't. I didn't see anything about if you could just skip some of the inactive pills and start the active - 28% more...
    Mpaige11- over a year ago - 2 Replies - in Zenchent
  9. link Rasabaka
    My reply is probably way too late, but I skip them altogether and just keep right on going. I get terrible migraines so I take the pill three months straight so I don't a period for three months...so, skipping four days shouldn't be a problem unless - 13% more...
    Rasabaka- over a year ago
  10. link Mp102381
    I have moved my period a week a head and a week after a few different times. my doctor said it is just fine. I know my doctor told me it is fine but it is better to move it by a week not a few days.
    Mp102381- over a year ago
  11. link Tallglass65
    longer period and blood clotting
    I had my normal periiod laast week and my period started all over again on Monday of this week. But this period is diff. I am clotting really bad and bleeding heavy. I am on Zenchent. Is this normal Juanita
    Tallglass65- over a year ago - in Zenchent
  12. link Rower09
    missed day
    what happens if you miss one day of taking the pill? does that mean that you should take the pill you missed and the one your suppose to take that day?
    Rower09- over a year ago - in Zenchent
  13. link J999
    Zenchent noticable
    Just startted taking this and was wondering if there are noticable side effects
    J999- over a year ago - in Zenchent