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  1. link Vvenus
    Zonegran suicidal thoughts, topamax, many things, anxiety, uppage
    100mg for 1 week (early I know :) switched from topamax which would stop working after my period. Well, this stuff is ok. I want it bumped up, but I a - 70% more...
    Vvenus- over a year ago - in Zonegran
  2. link Snjladybug
    Zonegran zonisamide, generic name
    POSITIVE - I AM SERIOUSLY DISINTERESTED IN FOOD. I HAVE LOST 30 POUNDS! doesn't anyone else take this drug?!?! I even tried under the generic name... - 64% more...
    Snjladybug- over a year ago - in Zonegran
  3. link Love6kids
    Zonegran rash, zonisamide, generic name
    rash--all over--found out it has sulfonamides in it--and I am allergic to sulfa anyone else had this problem??
    Love6kids- over a year ago - 1 Reply - in Zonegran
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