Zostavax Side Effects

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  1. link Leanis
    Zostavax availability
    I live in Southwest Riverside county, Ca. I understand there is a 6 month backlog for ordering Zostavax. Is that true? Is there anywhere close to Temecula, Ca. where the vaccine is available now?
    Leanis- over a year ago - in Zostavax
  2. link Ellie6
    where is zostavax available in Connecticut?
    Ellie6- over a year ago - in Zostavax
  3. link Richardyork
    We live in Pagosa Springs, CO. When will the vaccine be available in our community again. We are being told that the pharmacy here who gives the shots can not obtain it from the manufacturer. Thanks.
    Richardyork- over a year ago - in Zostavax
  4. link Misstery
    Wrong site
    What happens if injected intramuscularly?
    Misstery- over a year ago - in Zostavax
  5. link Jjsuza
    Hashimoto's disease
    Can a person taking synthroid for Hashimoto's get the Zostavax vaccine?
    Jjsuza- over a year ago - in Zostavax
  6. link Granny2643
    Giving people chicken pox after you receive the Zostavax vaccine,
    I am going to receive the Zostavax vaccine next week. I understand that it is a live vaccine and that I can give someone chicken pox, if they have never had it before or were not vaccinated against it. How long will it before it will be safe to be ar - 15% more...
    Granny2643- over a year ago - in Zostavax
  7. link Credfield
    Zostavax hives, vaccination, contributor, variables
    Hives...bad case 10 days after the vaccination. No other contributor variables.
    Credfield- over a year ago - in Zostavax
  8. link Credfield
    Zostavax & Hives
    I had the shingles vaccine at the end of April. Two weeks later hives broke out very badly. They are now chronic hives. Root cause is undetermined as of yet. I never had a case of hives before or any other allergies. One physician hypothesized that Z - 43% more...
    Credfield- over a year ago - in Zostavax
  9. link Linanguyen
    zostavas side effect
    after zostavas injection, my grandfather experienced itching at the injection site. A few days later, he developed symtoms of night fever, bruises over his skin, gum bleeding, and dark purple lesion on his tonge. However, he does not loose any weight - 67% more...
    Linanguyen- over a year ago - in Zostavax