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  1. link Dawnjkeith
    Zyvox infusion
    After 4 weeks of Zyvox infusion treatments I had lost 25 pounds and considerable amount of hair.
    Dawnjkeith- over a year ago - in Zyvox
  2. link Flamom2
    Zyvox heart palpitations, bland diet, cardiac problems, chest pain
    I took this for 4 days. Had to go off it because although I have no cardiac problems, I got severe chest pain and heart palpitations. Spent 3 days in - 65% more...
    Flamom2- over a year ago - in Zyvox
  3. link Papasierrafox2_
    Zyvox heart problems, heart attack, difficulty breathing, mouth tongue, medication
    You should not drive while taking this Medication, I ran my car off the roaad twice in one day due to a lack of coordination. Had to purchase a new ti - 74% more...
    Papasierrafox2_- over a year ago - in Zyvox
  4. link Jamzedale
    no feeling in feet
    Jamzedale- over a year ago - in Zyvox
  5. link Mardomi03
    Zyvox nausea and vomiting, red cells, hair loss, hemoglobin
    Nausea and vomiting. Decrease in hemoglobin an red cells. Hair loss
    Mardomi03- over a year ago - in Zyvox
  6. link Lefevre
    Zyvox pain in the feet
    pain in the feet
    Lefevre- over a year ago - in Zyvox
  7. link Tolliverjoanne
    Zyvox side effects
    My mother began taking Zyvox 600 mg twice a day therapy for three days and yesterday afternoon her hands turned yellow and the sam thing happened agai - 42% more...
    Tolliverjoanne- over a year ago - in Zyvox
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